In PinsaMe we merge innovation with tradition.
We love our work and we provide to our customers the best Pinsa bread everyday.

We brought the Original Pinsa Romana in Denmark starting in a small food stall in Odense.
We stress quality into everything we do.
Our vision is to become the ambassadors of Pinsa in Europe shifting the trend from pizza to Pinsa as the healthier option.

PinsaMe follows the original Pinsa Romana recipe respecting the traditional method on Pinsa making process being the no 56 certified members of Originale Pinsa Romana association.
We got know-how and sparring both in Denmark and Italy from
Pinsa School’s professional mentors as to excel our Pinsa making skills.


Meet us

You can meet us in our restaurant in Åløkke Alle 40, Odense.
Combine your Pinsa alongside with your favorite wine or drinks.


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Make your order through the button here below or pass by our place to enjoy your favourite wines, drinks or desserts.

Not just a pizza, but Pinsa.

Our Clients say


Our Pinsa combinations follow our philosophy for less is more. We combine the finest ingredients for a clean taste.


We keep our business ethics at the top level building trusted relationships. We want to make people happy with our food.


You have surely eaten pizza. But have you ever tasted Pinsa? We can guarantee that our Pinsas will change your diet habits.