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We truly love this Country and We Wanted to Bring Here the Best Italian Food.

That’s Why We Chose to Bring the Pinsa.

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What is Pinsa?

Pinsa is more of a kind of special oval shaped bread, crispy outside and soft inside, suitable for alternative condiments, which can perfectly match this new kind of dough.

Nowadays most of the people are employed in the offices (in Denmark 4 out of 5 workers are employed in the third sector), so the amount of calories needed dropped consistently since a couple of decades, however everybody loves Pizza all over the world but nobody wants to get fat.

Pinsa Romana, being the lighter version of pizza, perfectly matches the needs of the nowadays lifestyle without giving up on the taste.

The main ingredient is surely the flour Pinsa Romana made by Wheat, Soy, Rice and Sourdough where the percentages are unknown.

The maturation is very important: the leavening process is very slow, the product can be workable from 24 hours up to 150 hours. The amount of water related with the flour (hydration) can reach 80%, whereas in a common pizza the ratio is between 50% and 60%.

This specific difference gives more friability and fragrance. In fact, by using less flour in the dough, the amount of carbs, calories and fat in the final product is considerably reduced, hence making it highly digestible. Read more

Birth of this product comes from Rome in 2001 by the experience and great passion for the bread-making process of the specialised Pizzaiolo Corrado Di Marco, who created an unprecedented and innovative product that made a revolution inside the Pizza world.

Mr.Di Marco understood and improved the dietetic factors behind this exclusive and inimitable product by flanking the scientific research to the maternal grandfather teachings about the old bread-making techniques.

The exponential growth of Pinsa started to be registered in 2007, in 2018 this new product enters the danish market through PinsaMe. Nowadays there are more than 5.000 Pinserie all over the world and thousands of aware customers with regards features and peculiarities of this product.